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About GEE

Global Educational Excellence

Global Educational Excellence (GEE) academies are home to over 4,500 students and 500 teachers, administrators and staff across fourteen campuses located in the United States and several international schools, including Sparky's Early Learning Centers and Modern Global International Schools in Riyadh, KSA. GEE campuses house nurseries through grade 12 students with robust and varied educational programs.


Our approach is built upon a unified and evidence-based curriculum that encompasses rigor, and is aligned to American Common Core content standards, and integrates ambitious teaching practices. GEE teachers, administrators, and instructional coaches regularly collaborate to analyze data and problem solve teaching and learning issues, as well as create powerful learning opportunities for all students, including social-emotional competency to meet the needs of all students. GEE is a proponent of experiential learning and providing students opportunities to engage with their communities, learn tolerance, and the importance of working with others to gain a better appreciation of the ever-increasing interdependence and interconnectedness of our world.

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